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Penetration Testing
Our Penetration Testing services strengthen your cybersecurity across human, digital, and physical defenses, simulating real-world attacks like phishing and pretexting to digital and physical breaches, tailored to your specific operational needs. Our experts provide a clear picture of potential exploits an advanced attacker might use, offering strategies to seal vulnerabilities and enhance your team's ability to counteract cybercriminal tactics. This includes a comprehensive suite of techniques such as Web Application Security Analysis, Whitebox and Blackbox Testing, and Physical Security Evaluations, combined with Vulnerability Assessments and Attack Surface Mapping to proactively uncover and mitigate security gaps. By enhancing every aspect of your security framework and elevating your workforce's response to threats, we ensure your infrastructure's resilience against diverse cyber threats, positioning your human capital as a cornerstone of your cybersecurity defenses.
Threat Intelligence
We delve into the cyber landscape to pinpoint potential threats tailored to your organization's unique profile. By customizing threat intelligence to consider both your industry specifics and your technology infrastructure, we ensure you're only alerted to the risks that truly matter to you. Our method includes a detailed review of your software inventories, focusing our efforts on the vulnerabilities and adversaries most pertinent to your operation. This precise intelligence collection delivers actionable insights, empowering your team to fortify your defenses proactively and reduce exposure to threats. Leveraging real-time information and forward-looking analytics, we're committed to protecting your digital resources against the dynamic array of cyber challenges, fostering a security strategy that's anticipatory, not just responsive.
Security Engineering
Our Secure Systems Design service melds best practices and advanced security frameworks to architect your infrastructure with unparalleled security from the start. We integrate robust encryption, strict access control, and enhanced network resilience, ensuring compliance and scalability while transforming vulnerabilities into fortified defenses. Tailoring our approach to your unique needs, we make your data virtually impenetrable. Our expertise extends to System Hardening, where we preempt threats and swiftly help your team find and patch vulnerabilities, elevating your cyber resilience and turning potential weak spots into your internal and external digital attack surface, setting a new standard in security excellence.
Incident Response
Our rapid response services adeptly manage cyber incidents, initiating with Threat Actor Communications to engage and manage the situation, while simultaneously Containing the threat to minimize damage. This is followed by a meticulous Forensic Analysis to unravel the attack vectors, providing critical insights for bolstering defenses. Our comprehensive approach not only addresses the immediate threat but also fortifies your digital environment against future vulnerabilities, ensuring a resilient and robust security posture against the dynamic landscape of cyber threats.
OSINT Investigations
Our Open Source Intelligence Investigations service reveals what hackers could find about your organization, employees, and rivals, offering a hacker's perspective on your digital vulnerabilities. Through detailed analysis of public and private data, we generate reports outlining your digital exposure, identify vulnerabilities, leaked passwords, and get actionable steps for risk mitigation and remediation. This proactive approach helps seal security loopholes and fortify your defenses, keeping you one step ahead of the criminals looking to take advantage of your organization.
Blockchain and Web3 Auditing
Secure your blockchain ecosystem with our Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Audits service, designed to identify vulnerabilities and ensure the integrity of your decentralized applications. Our team of blockchain experts delves deep into your smart contracts and underlying blockchain architecture, employing rigorous testing methodologies to uncover potential security flaws, inefficiencies, and compliance issues. We scrutinize every line of code and every transaction path for weaknesses that could be exploited, from reentrancy attacks to gas limit vulnerabilities. Following our comprehensive audit, we provide detailed reports and strategic recommendations to enhance security, optimize performance, and ensure your smart contracts operate as intended. Trust us to safeguard your blockchain innovations, delivering peace of mind and robust protection in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized technology.

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Frank Trezza
Chief Information Security Officer
Penetration Test Team Lead
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Chief Executive Officer
Incident Response & Negotiations Expert
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